Welcome to Athena’s Table! We’re getting this party started right here, right now…but we’re going to need your help!

First, a little info:

WHO:  Athena’s Table is for people who enjoy reading fiction and are open to reading beyond their regular repertoire.

WHAT:  There’s a boatload of fiction out there in all kinds of genres – women’s, young adult, middle grade, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, historical, a combination of the above. It’s all fair game.

WHEN:  I will announce the book of the month on the first day of that month, as well as the discussion, or Table Talk, date. (Don’t worry, you’ll have almost the whole month to finish.)

HOW:  On the Table Talk date, I’ll post a review of the book, invite you to chime in via the comments section, and ask for suggestions for the next month’s Book of the Month. A couple days later, I’ll post the suggestions and you get to vote via a poll at the end of the post. The majority rules. If there is no majority, I reserve the right to make an executive decision (read: flip a coin). If there are no suggestions…seriously?

Important:  Now would be a good time to click on the Follow button! That’s how you’ll get a heads-up on the important stuff when it happens.  And by important stuff, I’m talking three posts a month (unless I score an interview with the author…that warrants an extra one!):  1. Announcement of the book of the month; 2. Table Talk (where we discuss the book); 3: A call to vote on the next month’s book.

Also, please know that when you leave a comment the first time, you’ll be asked for your e-mail address.  I know it’s annoying, but it’s the only way to keep the spammers where they should be – partying with the rest of the bottom-feeders.  I don’t collect that info, so no worries about me selling it or adding you to some obnoxious distribution list, etc.

WHY:  Athena, for those who don’t know, was considered the goddess of wisdom by the ancient Greeks. Apparently she was pretty adept at multi-tasking, as she was also the goddess of courage, inspiration, strength, war strategy, law and justice, arts and crafts, and mathematics. So what happens when a badass like Athena invites ninja readers like us to sit down at her table and talk books? I’m guessing some crazy wild conversations! So come to the table with something to say. There’s always a place for you here.

Okay, we’re almost ready to kick this thing off, but before we do, we have to make one short dive into the crappy hamper (a.k.a. The Rules):


  • Books should be fiction.
  • Stay on target. Keep your posts about the book.
  • Be respectful. You’re in a book club, so if you think a book sucks, you’re probably articulate enough to explain why you think it sucks. Go with that. (Chances are most of the books we pick are going to be awesome anyway because that’s how we roll, right?)
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Play nice or go home. Trolls will suffer the same fate as Medusa. Just sayin’.
  • If you suggest a book and it’s not chosen, please feel free to submit it again. I have a feeling we’d like to read them all eventually, so keep trying!
  • If you’re interested in a whole series, please submit one book at a time, as we’ll be selecting on a month-by-month basis.
  • If no suggestions are submitted, I get to choose. (Mmmhahahaha!)


For details on where we are right now in the process – taking suggestions, voting, reading or discussing – click on the most recent post in the box on the right (Athena’s Table). 

Ready? See you at the table!



34 thoughts on “Athena’s Table: An Online Book Club

      1. Hi Ann! Love the mythology stuff, too…especially given the whole Athena’s Table thing! 😉 Just to clarify, would you like me to include one of the books from the Kane Chronicles in our pool of suggestions?


    1. I love CL Lewis and think he should be somewhere on the rotation and reading them in order is ideal. As far as Lemony Snickett goes I like to read them in order. But since these are lengthy series how about saving them for down the road…


      1. Sounds like a plan, Cathy. If you want to submit them later, that’s fine. Just indicate which book you’d like to start with. Not sure we will do an entire series, as we will be voting on a new book each month (i.e. the next book in the series might not win the vote for the following month), but you can certainly submit recommendations on a book-by-book basis. Thanks!


  1. I couldn’t figure out how to follow…it wasn’t a choice on my phone….
    But I would like to suggest….Serafina and the Black Cloak.


    1. Ohhh…that sounds interesting, Kathy! Thank you! And thanks for the heads up about not having the follow option on your phone. That’s not cool…I’ll have to look into that. In the interim, do you mind trying again next time you’re on your laptop, iPad, etc.? I know with that view the Follow is a blue button in the bottom right corner. Thank you!


  2. No suggestions but I’m hoping on an overseas flight and can’t wait to get the selection on my Kindle! I’ll have lots of time to read!! Can’t wait to read your book as well!!


    1. Hi Monique! Glad to have you at the table! I know we’ll come up with a good one for you to read. If you haven’t already, click on Follow at the bottom right of your screen so you’ll be in the know when the book of the month is announced on July 4th! (Note: I understand the Follow button does not show up on phones and other devices, so you might need to do that while you’re on your laptop or PC. Trying to find a work-around, but no luck so far.) In the meantime, happy and safe travels! (P.S. I’ll keep you posted about my book! Hoping to get it to Athena’s Table in the next year!)


  3. My suggestions for reading are “Jackaby,” dubbed as a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, by William Ritter. It’s mystery, historical fiction, sci-fi or fantasy all rolled into one.

    The other is Meg Medina’s “Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick your Ass,” which deals with teen harassment and learning to solve your problems. Also funny.


  4. Island of the Blue Dolphins. True story of the struggle of a native American girl to survive alone on an island. Newbury Winner. Amazing book – read it 30 years ago, reread it, and have never forgotten it.


  5. Lots of intriguing books here. I shared this with my book club, many of whom are also YA fans and who have teenagers. When do we get to read your books?! What an accomplishment!


    1. Wow! Thank you SO MUCH for helping us get the word out about Athena’s Table! And on a personal note, thank you for your kind words about MY book. Currently it’s in the capable hands of my editor, Jennifer Blood, up in Maine. From my finger tips to published book is a long process, but it’s moving along nicely and I hope it’ll be up for consideration on Athena’s Table within the next year. It’s called Blind Spot, and here’s a little bit about it:

      High school senior Stella Richardson is the new girl in school, rough around the edges and hauling a short juvenile rap sheet in her wake. She’s also the only one who can see homecoming queen Emily Taylor in the rearview mirror of Emily’s car – the one that was fished out of Lake Martin on New Year’s Day with Emily’s body inside; an apparent suicide. Only, Emily didn’t kill herself. Convinced she is stuck in the car until the truth comes out, Emily enlists Stella’s help with an offer she can’t refuse – a way to make amends with her deceased father who was killed in action in Afghanistan. Stella will do anything to tell him she’s sorry, but the closer she gets to the truth about Emily’s death, the higher the stakes, putting the one person Stella loves and swore to protect directly in the line of fire.


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